How To Make Greeting Cards Artwork Tips

There are so many great ideas on how to make greeting cards!
Photo Of Student Displaying Artwork For My Art Cards

The Best Tip On How To Make Greeting Cards Is Have Fun And Imagination

We have included “how to” pages on some of the fun and easy techniques that can be used to make original and special artwork for My Art Cards fundraising greeting cards. Remember, though, that all you really need to have on hand is the provided My Art Cards Design Sheet, markers or crayons and the imagination of your participants.

Other easy art supplies and techniques that work well with creating My Art CardsĀ besides crayons and color markers areĀ inks; finger paint; poster paint; tempera paint; water colors; glued photographs; scrapbooking; paper punches; stencils; stickers; decals; paper lace (doilies); rubber stamps; wood block prints; and computer made graphic art.

Many of the art techniques linked to below can be used in combination with each other to create completely unique artwork results. Try finger or hand prints on top of tissue paper art. Or faux paper marbling with paper quilting!

For the best results, there are a few general guidelines to keep in mind.

  1. Use bold, bright colors for best effects.
  2. Do NOT use glitter or other metallic materials because they do not reproduce true to color and often appear black.
  3. If the artwork is done separate from the My Art Cards template, it will need to be cut to size and attached to the template with glue, double sided tape or spray adhesive.
Remember, the most important tip for My Art Cards artwork is to have fun!

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