How To Raise Money For Schools: Fun, Easy And Safe

Raise your hand!(If you want to know how to raise money for schools easily.)
Photo of Students Showing How To Raise Money For Schools

My Art Cards Is A Great Way To Raise Money For Schools At All Grade Levels

Principals, teachers and leaders in PTAs, PTOs, HSAs and PTSAs across America have learned (the hard way) that selling products no one really needs or wants to strangers it is difficult, time-consuming, labor intensive and can even be dangerous! My Art Cards is a fun, safe and an easy way to raise funds for your school. Any school at any grade level and in any community can successfully learn how to raise money for schools using My Art Cards for fundraising.

What is a My Art Cards fundraiser? Students design their own unique box of holiday, thank you or any occasion cards to sell to their own family members or friends. My Art Cards are a cinch to sell to parents because they are a perfect gift for grandparents and other relatives at the holidays or other special occasions. We have lots more information. You can CLICK HERE to learn more about how My Art Cards fundraising works!

My Art Cards fundraisers have been used by teachers for grade level projects, by art teachers for classroom supplies, after school clubs for equipment, and by PTAs, PTOs, HSAs and PTSAs for senior trips and graduation parties. My Art Cards have been used in just about any situation that involves schools and the requirement for additional funds for projects, programs or items. It’s easy and it works!

Benefits everyone – students, parents and the school.

Every participating student feels that sense of achievement, satisfaction and boost in self-esteem that accompanies having his or her artwork professionally published. This is such a great fundraiser – parents LOVE them and can’t resist these useful note cards! The school’s profit margins are exceptional! With minimum effort, schools raise money while offering parents a unique way to preserve their child’s priceless art expressions with no risk and no up-front costs to the school.

My Art Cards IS NOT a cookie cutter fundraising campaign
(nor a cookie dough fundraiser for that matter)!

My Art Cards note cards are something that everyone can use, and offer a refreshing change of pace from cookie dough, wrapping paper, candy sales and other ho-hum fundraisers. And, since each box of cards reflects the child’s artistic spirit and their desire to create something special for their own parents, My Art Cards practically sell themselves.

Need an idea to raise even more funds without creating more artwork?

Add to your profits with My Masterpiece, 8-1/2 by 11 inch full color prints on museum grade glossy card stock. Matted and packaged in a clear plastic envelope, the finished print fits any standard 11 by 14 inch frame.

Or consider marketing boxes of mixed note cards featuring the student artwork to local businesses or members of the community. (This works especially well with faculity or high school age student produced artwork.) If done as a follow-up to the original fundraiser for parents and school staff, you will have sample note cards to show of the mixed box.

OK! Once more, but just the Cliff Notes version, please!!!
  • Students of all grade level students are take great pride in the creation of uniquely personal art cards.
  • Creating art for a My Art Cards fundraiser is an easy and fun way to incorporate raising money for school activities with legitimate grade level lesson plans.
  • My Art Cards will help your school raise funds quickly and easily by professionally publishing student created artwork with full-color ink on premium card stock – NOT laser copies.
  • My Art Cards is a great fundraiser for all ages of students–from preschool to high school–it works! And it works well.
  • Parents LOVE them!
  • No deposit. No pre-payment. No minimum order. Your school pays nothing until all the proceeds from the fundraiser are in the bank. Fundraising proceeds are available immediately!
  • Your My Art Cards order will be shipped to the school approximately three weeks after your artwork and payment is received.
  • Add to your profits with no additional artwork with MY MASTERPIECE matted prints.
  • My Art Cards Fundraisers have been used for just about any situation that involves schools needing additional funds to support a worthy activity.
  • My Art Cards Fundraisers work! We are here to help make your fundraiser a success.
The solution to how to raise money for schools is My Art Cards.

We have lots of instructions for art techniques and projects as well as ideas for art themes to use with your classroom or youth organization. We even have a My Art Cards lesson plan that comes with as a downloadable PDF. Or get inspired with ideas selected from our greeting card galleries of schools, organizations and all age groups that have participated in My Art Card fundraising projects.

CALL (830) 625-4517 or CONTACT US by email – we’ll be glad to answer any questions. Let’s get started!

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