Art Ideas: Fabric Applique with Fusible Interfacing

Fabric applique can be incorporated into greeting card design by using fusible interfacing. The fabric applique can be made by either cutting an existing image from printed fabric or cutting out shapes from drawn or paper patterns. Fusible interfacing is available from fabric or craft stores and is a no-sew, heat bonded backing applied with an iron that prevents the raw edges of fabrics from fraying. Fusible interfacing is often used in sewing collars and pockets in clothing construction to give added weight and stability to fabrics.

Lesson Plan Suggestion: Fabric with printed images can be found with many different designs including animals, insects, buildings, planets and holiday themes, making it an easy art technique to use with lots of different lesson plan themes. Fabric applique can also be embellished with other art techniques like embroidery on paper and art and photo collage.

  1. Center a piece of fusible interfacing over the image to be cut out of the fabric or alternatively trace or draw a pattern on the non-adhesive side of the interfacing.
  2. Follow the interfacing directions for fusing with an iron. Some fusible interfacing types are dry-heat bonded and some are wet-heat bonded.
  3. The fabric must be larger than the piece of interfacing or the interfacing will stick to the ironing board or whatever surface you are using on iron on.
  4. After the fabric has cooled, cut out the design with scissors.
  5. Use a glue stick or other craft glue to attach to the My Art Cards template.

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