How To Make Money Fast Fundraising With My Art Cards

It’s easy to learn how to make money fast fundraising with our step by step fundraiser kit.

Each My Art Cards fundraiser kit contains:
  1. Student Designer Kits
    • Two My Art Cards Designer Sheets with order forms are provided for each participant in case an extra Designer Sheet is needed or to take home to a parent or sibling so they can also participate in the fundraiser.
    • A color sales sheet explains the note card fundraising project and pricing to parents or adult participants.
    • Individual poly bags are included to assist in distribution of materials and to return the finished artwork along with the order form.
  2. Sample Fundraising Letter
    • The fundraising letter can be customized and reproduced and then placed in each Student Designer Kit before the art is sent home along with the order form.
  3. Coordinator’s Checklist
    • An easy to follow checklist to help you administer the fundraiser from start to finish.
  4. Classroom Summary Sheet
    • A form for teachers or other organization facilitators to record orders and payments.
  5. Consolidation Sheet
    • Provided for the coordinator to consolidate all orders and payments received.
  6. Group Order Form
    • A summary of all pertinent information required to place your total order for My Art Cards.
Our My Art Cards Fundraising Kit gives you what you need to be successful!

We’ve figured all the steps for you and provide almost everything you need for the entire fundraiser so you can focus on more important things. Our step by step Fundraising Kit makes it easy to organize your participants and your funds. The My Art Cards website gives you simple instructions for art techniques and projects as well as ideas for art themes to use with your classroom or organization. If this is a classroom or school fundraiser, we even have a My Art Cards lesson plan as downloadable PDF.

We are just an e-mail or a phone call away to answer any questions, give advice or just provide some basic hand holding so you can be confident your fundraiser will meet or exceed your needs and expectations. Call us now at (830) 625-4517 or contact us HERE! We want to help you get started.

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