Clubs and Organizations: How To Make Money For Your Group Activities, Trips And Projects

Do you know how to make money for your club or organization?

Organized groups of all ages and every type can learn how to make money fundraising with My Art Cards for club equipment, facility improvement, activities and trips. Whether your group is large or small, we will will help you plan and schedule your fundraiser from start to finish with our personal service, simple checklist and minimal paperwork. We pay attention to the details so you can focus on the goals of your organization, not fundraising paperwork.

My Art Cards are high quality note cards professionally printed in full color on premium card stock from the designs created by your club, group or organization members to sell to their own family members and friends as well as the member of your local community who support your organization’s goals, programs and projects. Each set of note cards is gift boxed with twenty 4-1/4 by 5-1/2 inch professionally printed full color note cards and 20 envelopes. No deposit. No minimum order. Virtually no up front costs to your organization.

Your club, group or organization can do this!

My Art Cards fundraisers are a simple and proven way how to make money for club activities, organization equipment, facility improvement, groups trips and general overhead expenses. CLICK HERE for more information about the My Art Cards fundraising process.

Fundraising with My Art Cards can be done at the local, regional, national or international level. The members in your organization have the knowledge, talent and network of friends that can work together to raise funds to support your goals, projects and programs.

In the over ten years, My Art Cards has partnered with organizations in their fundraising efforts, one thing has remained constant – we provide a great, useful product that is genuine and centered on the creativity of the members. Young or old, large group or small, My Art Cards works for you and your group succeeds.

It doesn’t have to be hard!

My Art Cards fundraisers give your members the opportunity to do something that is different, fun, and will let everyone participate in helping reach the goals of your organizatio. No one wants to have to try to make money by selling things that other groups already sold through school fundraisers like cookie dough or wrapping paper.

Successful techniques for marketing and selling the My Art Cards products are as varied as the organizations that can benefit from a My Art Cards fundraiser. Your organization’s own spark, creativity and ingenuity will lead you to the method that will work best for you and we are happy to help you develop your plan. Give us a call to talk about some of the ideas that have worked for organizations in the past and then let’s build a program that is right for your organization.

My Art Cards works with you so you are succesful.

We have all kinds of ideas for art techniques and art themes to use with your club or organization. We even have My Masterpiece, a matted print product that can increase your proceeds without a lot of additional effort! Telephone us at (830) 625-4517┬áto discuss your group’s needs or CONTACT US by email. We can help you meet your goals.

Groups of all kinds benefit from My Art Cards fundraising.

Every one of the following clubs, groups and organizations can quickly, safely and easily raise significant funds for their activities through My Art Cards Fundraising:

  • 4-H Club Fundraising Project
  • Art Club Fundraising Project
  • Art in Education Fundraising Program Project
  • Band Fundraising Project
  • Basketball Fundraising Project
  • Big Brothers / Big Sisters of America Fundraising Project
  • Boy Scout Fundraising Project
  • Boys and Girls Clubs of America Fundraising Project
  • Camp Fire Fundraising Project
  • Cheerleading Fundraising Project
  • Children of the American Revolution Fundraising Project
  • Civil Air Patrol Fundraising Project
  • Cub Scout Fundraising Project
  • Daughters of the American Revolution Fundraising Project
  • Explorer Scout Fundraising Project
  • Federation of Temple Youth Fundraising Project
  • FFA Fundraising Project
  • Girl Scout Fundraising Project
  • Hip-Hop 4 Life Program Fundraising Project
  • HSA Art Auction Fundraising Project
  • Junior Achievement Fundraising Project
  • Kids for Peace Fundraising Project
  • Lion’s Club Auction Fundraising Project
  • Little League Baseball Fundraising Project
  • Man Up! Fundraising Project
  • Not Back to School Camp Project
  • PTA Reflections Program Fundraising Project
  • PTO Today Art Program Fundraising Project
  • Rotary Club Auction Fundraising Project
  • School Booster Club Fundraising Project
  • Senior Activity Center Fundraising Project
  • Shades of Beauty Fundraising Project
  • Soccer Club Fundraising Project
  • Sorority Fundraising Project
  • Swim Team Fundraising Project
  • Teen Empowerment Fundraising Project
  • YMCA / YWCA Program Fundraising Project
  • Young Americans for Freedom Fundraising Project
  • Youth Sports Organization Fundraising Project
  • Youth Summer Camp Fundraising Project
  • YMCA Fundraising Project
  • YWCA Program Fundraising Project

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