Art Ideas: Crayon Resist

Crayon resist is a technique using wax-based crayon and water based paint to repel one another. Crayon resist painting is similar to batik, wax-resist dyeing technique often used with fabric.

Lesson Plan Suggestion: Fish, butterflies, insects, rainbows or any colorful element found in nature make crayon resist a great art technique to incorporate into natural science lessons for all ages.

  1. Dray a design or picture with crayons. Light colors will work the best.
  2. Press hard with the crayons so they will show up under the paint.
  3. When complete, lightly brush paint over the picture. The paint should bead up on top of the crayon areas. but do not scrub or brush repeatedly over the paper. Do not put too much paint on the paper or the paper will ripple or tear.
  4. The areas of crayon will resist the darker paint. Make sure there is a contrast between the color of the crayon and the color of the paint.
  5. VARIATION ONE: Use a rubber stamp to stamp an image in black or other dark ink.
  6. Color the areas to highlight with a white crayon.
  7. Sponge inks or watercolors to cover the entire card.
  8. Use a paper towel to remove ink from the crayoned areas.
  9. VARIATION TWO: Draw invisible images on white paper with white wax crayon and reveal the images after painting over them.
  10. Instead of using one color to reveal the white wax crayon images, you can use different colors of paint to create effects like a sunset or background pattern.

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