Raise Money For Charity Causes: Alternative To Programs Like Kickstarter

Community connections–shared purposes

We all live in some kind of a community – communities with needs for both individual members and community projects. No matter the specific circumstances, communities need ways to raise funds for the people and projects important to its members. While internet based crowd-sourced fundraising programs like Kickstarter have become popular, they don’t necessarily reach your target support audience and build ties between community members as they work together in a common cause.

A picture’s meaning can express ten thousand words.

The visual element of My Art Cards communicates more than just a need for money. It communicates the root message of your fundraiser.

Not only do our note cards raise the funds you need, but also, as each one is mailed, they continue to work for you by spreading your message to supporters that you might never reach by any other means. Our note cards with your artwork on the front and your message on the back explaining your mission are a perfect alternative to online programs like Kickstarter for raising funds and promoting your cause.

Raise money for personal, individual, non-profit and community causes.

Many organizations and individuals support causes that revolve around issues or activities involving youth. The same process that works for school and church youth groups for fundraising works for youth related causes. Your young artists create the artwork (just like a school fundraiser) and offer My Art Cards and My Masterpiece purchases for sale to their parents, relatives and close friends specifically in support of your cause. CLICK HERE for more information about how a typical My Art Cards fundraiser works.

Other fundraising groups have found artists or photographers among their own ranks to create images related to their cause for My Art Cards fundraisers. Greeting cards can be sold with one piece of artwork as a boxed set of 20 cards, or create mixed boxes of cards from a series of images.

Your cause’s greeting cards can be sold both within the organization itself and through outside sales to businesses and the general public. Boxes of greeting cards related to your cause also make a great item to offer at any related fundraising activities like silent auctions, raffles, benefit concerts and food fundraisers like spaghetti dinners and pancake suppers.

We want to help.

My Art Cards have been used by non-profit and other groups to raise funds for causes including individual medical treatment, pet rescue and youth camps. Tell us what your specific situation is and we will use our experience and expertise to guide you in designing the My Art Cards artwork that will best suit your needs and be the “kickstarter” to a successful fundraising campaign for your cause.

We are just a telephone call away at (830) 625-4517 or CONTACT US by email. Let us know how we can help.

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