Churches & Synagogues: Unleash the Power of Art for Ministry and Youth Group Fundraising

The spirit of artistic creation is a gift from God.

Artistic expression and the love of God have been forever intertwined, making My Art Cards a beautiful way to raise money for your church or synagogue’s latest project, ongoing youth group activities, community outreach, charitable sponsorship and summer camps.

Creating together builds community. One of the best things about fundraising with My Art Cards is not only does it raise needed funds, it brings together your members in a fun and rewarding activity.

Fun and fellowship.

Art is already an essential component in most children’s activities. My Art Cards is a natural at the elementary and younger level. Kids love to create art. All you have to do is give them a theme and watch them go!

A participant created greeting card fundraiser is a great alternative for teen groups instead of door to door sales of cookie dough, wrapping paper, candy bars or other traditional youth group fundraising projects. Yes, we all like to see our youth work hard, but driving your teen around to mow lawns, spread dirt, wash cars, haul off junk, or other manual labor generally ends up working the parents harder than the kids. My Art Cards empowers your youth to work together to raise funds to support the projects and programs that directly impact them by tapping into their own imaginations and creative potential.

Woman’s ministries in particular enjoy creating their own note cards. Most congregations already have monthly get togethers or craft nights for woman’s groups. How many congregations already have a regular scrapbooking night? It’s easy to find inspiration for wonderful greeting card ideas from scrapbooking materials, stamps, stickers and other ready to collage art supplies.

We provide almost everything you need to be successful raising money.

All of My Art Cards fundraising activities can take place within the safety and comfort of your own facilities. Wherever your ministry or youth groups normally meet is perfect for planning, organizing and executing a note card fundraiser.

We provide the designer sheets, full color advertising card, and even a descriptive fundraising letter that can be fully customized to meet the specifics of your own fundraiser. You provide the fellowship hall, church school, parochial school, Hebrew school, nursery school, youth group meeting room, vacation bible school, or even summer camp facilities – wherever your ministry and youth groups meet and interact will work just fine for the preparations to raise funds.

There are two approaches that both work well for church and synagogue group fundraising. Either you can run your fundraiser just like a school fundraiser with each participant creating a greeting card that is then sold to family and friends (twenty card of one design per box), or you can create mixed artwork boxes of cards.

Whether the artwork comes from an individual artist or is part of a mixed box as the result of a group effort, special occasion and holiday cards are always an easy sell to your congregation members because the people who want to support your project actually need greeting and note cards! You can find out more about how a My Art Cards fundraiser works HERE.

The most difficult decision will be what do do with your profits.

It doesn’t have to be hard! Encourage your members to look through our art galleries for ideas; read through our art how to tips for techniques using all types of media; and get your best efforts out in front of your congregation. Put up a table in the foyer before and after service, make an announcement in the newsletter or bulletin or make a short presentation before the congregation. You will always be selling to a receptive audience!

For over a decade, My Art Cards fundraising has been providing church and synagogue ministries and youth groups with a fun and easy way for students to raise funds quickly, safely, risk-free, and with virtually no up-front costs. We will be happy to work with you on the best approach for your ministry or youth group.

Telephone us at (830) 625-4517 or CONTACT US by email. You can also ask us about My Masterpiece and other products that can increase your proceeds without a lot of additional effort!

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