About My Art Cards Specialty Publishing House

My Art Cards and Indigo Graphic Design can meet all your printing needs.

My Art Cards is a specialty publishing house focusing on helping schools, churches and other organizations raise money with professional quality note cards printed with artwork created by the fundraising groups’ own members which is then sold to family, friends and supporters of each individual artist.

My Art Cards and it’s parent company,┬áIndigo Graphic Design, provide full color note cards, stickers and decals, posters, pocket folders, school calendars, journals, notebooks and other printed products for organizations and businesses all over the United States.

Inspired by vision of artist and educator Valerie Petro.
Photo of Valerie Petro, one of the founders of My Art Cards.

Valerie Petro

Based today in New Braunfels, Texas, My Art Cards and Indigo Graphic Design were established in 2003 in Wyckoff, New Jersey by Mark Johnson and his late life and business partner, Valerie Petro. Valerie was an artist, educator, author and graphic designer. Valerie’s energy, imagination and intense love for combining creativity and family are still evident today as My Art Cards enables both large and small organizations to raise funds for special projects in a fun, easy and uniquely personal way.

Mark Johnson and Valerie Petro began My Art Cards and Indigo Graphic Design after Mark’s thirty year career as a pilot and officer in the United States Air Force. Mark brings these same organizational skills to use in providing assistance in planning and scheduling each organization’s fundraiser to make sure all specific needs are met, including establishing key dates, expected participation and promotion ideas. Also, since the state of the art digital presses are literally only a few miles from our design studios, Mark will provide you with exceptional customer service, order tracking and ensuring that My Art Cards note cards and My Masterpiece prints meet the highest professional production standards.

Mark listens.
His personal interest in your fundraiser helps ensure your success.
Photo of Mark Johnson of My Art Cards

Mark Johnson

My Art Cards is used to raise money by schools from pre-school through high school, churches, clubs, and a wide range of youth and adult groups from coast to coast. Individuals and organizations have discovered that My Art Cards uniquely support personal or social causes by raising funds and spreading their core message as each card is subsequently mailed. My Art Cards is the perfect solution for a fun, easy and safe fundraising experience that allows you to focus on results, not paperwork.

For leadership, integrity, reliability and personal attention that you can count on, contact My Art Cards today! Mark, or one of our trained My Art Cards personal assistants, will answer your questions and help you get on your way to conducting a successful fundraiser for your group.

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