Art Ideas: Craft Foam Stamp

Foam sheets sometimes called “Funky Foam” are inexpensive and can be used to make creative and original craft foam stamp in any shape or style. Craft foam stamps can be used to create a focal point for a greeting card design or an overall pattern by using the stamp as part of a design motif.

Lesson Plan Suggestion: Helping students learn how to make their own craft foam stamp is a great introduction to printmaking. Students also learn how to make repeating patterns with shapes and older students can learn how to make symmetrical designs.

  1. Take a piece of craft foam and use a dark pencil to draw a shape. Or alternatively, print out a design on a computer printer and paste the design on the craft foam.
  2. Cut the shape or shapes for your stamp out with scissors.
  3. Glue the design onto something hard like a scrap piece of wood, a bottle cap or a jar lid with all purpose adhesive. You can use anything that you can get a good grip on when you use the stamp to print on the card. Use tweezers to pick up and add the pieces of they are small.
  4. Press the stamp into an ink pad, ink the stamp with a marker or brush on paint to apply color to the stamp.
  5. Stamp onto the My Art Cards template or another piece of paper to be glued onto the design. You might want to practice with your stamp on a scrap piece of paper before using the stamp on the template card front.

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