How It Works

We have a simple secret for success.

My Art Cards has been helping schools, clubs, organizations and causes all over the country raise funds safely, quickly and easily. What is the secret to our success (and yours)? We keep it simple.

We provide a high quality, uniquely personal product that is useful to your target audience. We keep your fundraising members safe by eliminating any need to go door to door. We allow you to keep your profits safely under your control at all times. And we support you throughout the process with our ideas, experience and advice.

The My Art Cards fundraising process is safe and proven.
Photo Of Student Bringing Home My Art Cards Fundraising Packet

My Art Cards Is a Fun Fast Safe Fundraiser

Step 1: My Art Cards provides Designer Sheets for each student or organization member participating in the fundraiser.

Additional Designer Sheets are provided to allow siblings, parents and other members within the organization to participate.

Step 2: Participants draw or create their card design on the Designer Sheet.

Crayons, color markers, inks, finger paint, poster paint, glued photographs and collages are just some of the ways to create art for My Art Cards. Using bold, bright colors produces the best effects.

In addition to drawing and coloring, there are many creative ways to make your card unique and memorable. Many of these techniques can be used in combination to create stunningly beautiful effects for your cards. We have lots of great ideas and simple instructions for greeting card artwork right HERE.

Step 3: After the art has been created, students or organization participants bring their design home to show parents, relatives, friends or other organization supporters.

Parents and other organization supporters determine how many boxes they would like to purchase and fill out the simple order form on the reverse side of the Designer Sheet. Family and friends love My Art Cards! There is never any need for your organization members to have to go door to door.

Step 4: Students or organization participants return the Designer Sheet and order form along with cash payment or a check made out to your school or organization.

Step 5: Your fundraising coordinator consolidates orders and deposits the proceeds into your school or organization bank account.

Step 6: Your fundraising coordinator sends the completed Designer Sheets and order forms to My Art Cards along with your school or organization check or money order for My Art Card’s services.

There is no waiting, no wondering, no worries! Your profits remain in your school or organization bank account at all times!

Step 7: Your My Art Cards products are shipped to your fundraising coordinator within four weeks, grouped by class (if applicable) for distribution.

My Art Cards provides support throughout your fundraiser.

There is nothing complicated about making money with a My Art Cards fundraiser! Our step by step Fundraising Kit provides all the basic materials you need. The My Art Cards website gives you simple instructions for art techniques and projects as well as ideas for art themes to use with your classroom or organization. We have a My Art Cards lesson plan as downloadable PDF to use in a classroom setting. You could even have a My Art Cards fundraising art party for your group!

By tapping into each member’s artistic and creative expression, My Art Card’s fundraising transforms the individual contributions of each member into a powerful, successful fundraising event.

Our trained representatives are just an e-mail or a phone call away during your fundraiser to answer any questions that may arise.  So select My Art Cards fundraising with confidence – we will be at your side throughout the process.

Call us now at (830) 625-4517 or contact us HERE! We are ready to help you get started.

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